When you move house or flat, there are many changed details that you need to tell people about. Use this checklist to remember them.

Services that you need to redirect, cancel, or change
  • Newspaper
  • Phone
  • Broadband
  • Sky Television
  • Gas and power: change address and arrange for a final reading
  • Water (if you are attached to rural supply)
In the days leading up to the move
  • Defrost your freezer and the refrigerator freezing box
  • Drain the fuel tanks of petrol-driven garden tools, like mowers
  • Set aside possessions that won’t be included in the move
  • Empty rubbish bins
  • Shut down washing machine water inlets and ensure the machine is drained
Organisation that need to know your change of address
  • New Zealand Post mail redirect
  • Insurance provider (for all insurance – health, life, house and contents, car etc)
  • Electoral roll
  • Transfer to a new bank branch
  • School
  • Local government for rates
  • Your pet’s vet
If we are moving your possessions into storage
  • Remove food – it will probably spoil
  • Remove inflammable liquids such as paint, kerosene, aerosols and gas cylinders. We can’t store these as they are classified as dangerous goods
  • Don’t leave breakable goods to rattle around in drawers – remove and pack them. Examples are mirrors, bottles of perfume and aftershave
Prepare for the moving day
  • Ensure that you and we agree on the day and time of the move.
  • Dispose of any goods that you don’t need at the new address
  • Dispose of inflammable goods such as paint and kerosene – we can’t carry them – or label them clearly for the new owner or tenant.
  • Get the local service station to empty your gas cylinders for carriage
  • Dismantle and disconnect wide-screen TVs (you might need professional help)
  • Set aside a box and place all audio, video and power cables, plugs and chords in it, each labelled to reassemble easily.
  • Photograph the back of your stereo and TV so you know where to plug the chords when you reassemble
  • Set aside a box for all important personal documents and keep them with you and in one place.
  • Keep jewellery together and with you
On the big day
  • Empty your freezer and fridge and wrap the food in a blanket to insulate it during the move (for local moves only).
  • Ensure all goods are taken and that all arrive.

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