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Why spend the next few months collecting cardboard boxes from the supermarket? There’s a better way.


We pack so you don’t have to

Picture this: the screech of packing tape. Unfolding cardboard boxes. Forgetting to label half of them. Playing tetris with your boxes. Unpacking your boxes to find your china is broken. Or your TV. These are all packing nightmares that can be avoided when handled by an expert with the right tools to pack goods securely.

Amongst all the excitement of moving, packing up is the most stressful part. Save the stress (and tears) and hand it over to an expert. BOP Movers can have your household items packed, wrapped, and ready to load for the next day.

How do we pack your goods?

In short, very carefully.

To expand on this, we have a variety of materials available to pack your goods. This means we can pack anything safely and securely. Our favourite material is pro-wrap paper, a heavy-duty triple-layer product that keeps most goods safe and secure – a step up from bubble wrap.

We are also proud to use recycled blankets as often as possible to keep items secure. This environmentally-friendly option is especially helpful when moving big and bulky furniture.

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Why get us to do the packing?

  • We use a heavy-duty triple layer wrap
  • We carefully wrap your belongings
  • Environmentally-friendly packing to keep your items secure

How does pricing work?

Pricing is determined based on the volume of goods and the distance travelled. For accurate pricing, get in touch for an estimate.

Can you transport my pet?

Yes, we can transport obedient dogs or cats. Please let us know ahead of time if this is required.

What is included?

At a minimum, we can transport your household or business items inter-island including ferry fees and insurance. If needed, we can also arrange packing and any storage, either onsite in the Bay of Plenty or with our storage partners.

Our friendly team can manage every aspect of your move to make this new chapter in your life an easy one.

Stress-free Moves

Let’s take the stress out of your move with a complete moving solution including packing, storage, and moving

Handled With Care

Your move comes with a claims-free guarantee, meaning your goods will be delivered perfectly.

Care For The Earth

We work hard to ensure your move is as sustainable as possible with recycled & eco-packaging.

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