Piano Moving

Staring at your piano in the corner wondering how on earth you’re going to move that?

Why trust BOP Movers with your piano

Over the years we have shifted well over 3,500 pianos. Yep, that means we have shifted upstairs, downstairs, in the rain, over hills, through the Cook Strait, and more. From uprights to great grands, if you need your piano shifted, you can trust your piano will be in good hands.

Pianos are considered high value for many reasons. It’s not just the monetary value; your set of ivories may also be a family heirloom. It may also hold memories of Sunday mornings playing your favourite songs. Or your kids’ best attempt at playing a tune.

At BOP Movers, we understand just how much meaning a piano can hold for a family. Because of this, we take care to gently and carefully move pianos.

Why choose professional piano movers instead of DIY?

Moving a piano is a delicate job that should be handled by a professional. Your piano is valuable and shouldn’t be left up to chance. To move a piano on your own, you would require specialist equipment and material including plastic wrap, a heavy-duty dolly, dolly straps, weightlifting straps, van ramp, cardboard pads, and at least four strong people.

Save your back and your piano. Call the professionals instead.

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Your piano move may include:

  • Correct handling for your unique piano
  • Cover and protection
  • Gentle handling

How does pricing work?

Pricing is determined based on the volume of goods and the distance travelled. For accurate pricing, get in touch for an estimate.

Can you transport my pet?

Yes, we can transport obedient dogs or cats. Please let us know ahead of time if this is required.

What is included?

At a minimum, we can transport your household or business items inter-island including ferry fees and insurance. If needed, we can also arrange packing and any storage, either onsite in the Bay of Plenty or with our storage partners.

Our friendly team can manage every aspect of your move to make this new chapter in your life an easy one.

Stress-free Moves

Let’s take the stress out of your move with a complete moving solution including packing, storage, and moving

Handled With Care

Your move comes with a claims-free guarantee, meaning your goods will be delivered perfectly.

Care For The Earth

We work hard to ensure your move is as sustainable as possible with recycled & eco-packaging.

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